What Hypnosis Can Help

When everything else has failed

Hypnosis can help with any behavior you don't want...or gain a behavior you do want. Smoking, weight loss, low self-esteem, and stress are the four most common problems we see, but there are so many other uses: Swearing, pain control,  lack of passion in a relationship, sexual dysfunction of a non-organic nature, procrastination, desire for exercise, fear of public speaking, test anxiety, performance anxiety, stage fright, fears, phobias, etc. 

Hypnosis will help you in any area of your life that is mental and will help you do whatever you decide you really want to do, but for some reason, you just can't make yourself do it. We help people all the time after they have tried everything else.

Here we will discuss the more common behaviors:


Why do we smoke? Did we like it when we took that first cigarette and inhaled? NO! You coughed and gagged and turned green, yet you still finished it and then....you did it again! Based upon the first experience with smoking, you'd think no one would ever smoke. So why did you keep doing it until now you can't stop? There is one emotional need that trumps every other emotional need you have. Care to guess what that is? No, it's not love or sex. It is security. Think about it. When we are very young, we hopefully get the security we need from our parents. As we get into the teen years, however, they now seem clueless, and we look to our peer groups for emotional security. There is strength and security when you belong to a group, and what is the easiest group to join? You don't have to be handsome/pretty, smart, popular, or rich, you just have to smoke. As you choked down that first cigarette, you felt the acceptance of the group and began your subconscious programing that associated smoking with security. If your subconscious mind makes that connection, and then you try and quit, you find you get anxious, nervous, irritable, etc. as your SCM now lacks the emotional security smoking gives it, and when your will power runs out, you smoke again. Using hypnosis, we will access your subconscious mind and reprogram you so that you no longer have a desire or even an urge to smoke. In fact, the harder you try to find that old urge, instead you will feel calm, confident, and relaxed. Smoking is done in ONE session. Please view the free Pre-Talk Video on this website so you will know how hypnosis works, and what you need to do to be successful.


Weight Loss

Weight loss is 75% diet and 25% exercise. Using hypnosis, we will give you the programing that you will eat only half of the food on your plate and that you will feel so full you just don't want another bite. We will program you so that any time you would be in a situation that you would normally eat when it is not meal-time, you will simply take a deep breath and that feeling of being full and satisfied will return until it's time to eat again. Instead of feeling anxious, deprived, or hungry, you will feel full, confident, relaxed, and proud.

For the vast majority of us, being 10-70 lb. overweight is simply due to eating patterns that have been ingrained in us and the cold hard fact that we really, truly, don't like exercise. If we truly liked it, as when we have a favorite TV show or activity, we would make time for it over the long term, not just when we want to lose weight or get in shape for a specific event like a reunion or wedding. When we REALLY like something, we move our schedules around so we can do them. Things like: watch a sports program, watch a favorite TV show, sex or do anything we truly like doing.

If you want it, we will also give you the true desire to WANT to exercise, doing an exercise(s) that you choose. You will find yourself moving things around in your day so that you get your exercise time in. You will no longer find excuses to forego working out. You will actually like the exercise and will push yourself at a pace that is comfortable to you.

Many people have developed the subconscious programing that exercise is hard, painful, and a time to make uncomfortable comparisons of our physical appearance/abilities with others. Many of us have heard the "No Pain, No Gain" philosophy. We have seen trainers and gym rats alike all pushing it to the extreme, and let's face it, that kind of activity does cause pain and despair when we don't look as good or perform like those around us. It is no wonder, then, that when we have an occasion that we want to lose weight for, such as a wedding, that we will use Will Power, cut back on our eating, and work out, but when the event is over, we go right back to eating how we were programed and avoiding exercise. We WANT to be the kind of person who exercises and eats right, but we have the mental attitude (programming) that we are sacrificing and too busy to exercise most days or we will do it later, then the later rarely happens.

If you need to lose more or less than 70 lb., there is a strong possibility that your overeating is caused by your SCM trying to protect you by making you fat, so that people will leave you alone, as in this country we have a fat aversion. In your Conscious Mind, you want to eat right and exercise to be a healthy weight, but in your Subconscious Mind it makes you eat because it is protecting you in a very juvenile manner. This kind of issue requires more intense therapy than just changing your subconscious programing, but it still happens in the SCM and is easily accomplished in the same visit. It will just take longer. Weight loss, in most cases, requires only one session using the techniques of modern hypnosis. You usually won't need to come back for multiple sessions like hypnotists did in the past. Please view the free Pre-Talk Video on this website so you will know how hypnosis works, and what you need to do to be successful.


Stress Control/Anxiety

We all have stress. Everyday life brings it. So the question is, how do you deal with it? Do you let the worry, stress, fear, or anxiety overcome you? Do you find that life is less enjoyable because you are always stressed about something? Wouldn't you rather have a better response to the situations in your life; one where, instead of feeling anxious, nervous, or scared you feel calm, confident and relaxed? Spending time being stressed over things not only makes your day less enjoyable, but also leads to a weakened immune system, high blood pressure, increase sense of pain, headaches, low sex drive, trouble sleeping, stomach problems, difficulty focusing, and a host of other health issues. Since you can't prevent normal life from happening to you to remove the stress, we will use hypnosis to change how you react to it. We will teach you how to use hypnosis to enter a state of calm and well-being you might not have had in years. We will use hypnosis to program your response to stress so that anytime you start to or try to feel anxious, nervous, scared, or stressed, instead you will feel calm, confident, and relaxed. The harder you try to find the stress, the calmer you will become. You will find yourself making better decisions as a result of being calmer. You will find that while you remain able to be excited about giving an important presentation, you can no longer feel the fear and dread you did that made you avoid public speaking. Life will be more pleasurable since all areas of your life that were once dominated by stress and anxiety now bring you calm and confidence. Things you can't control will no longer bring you misery, and things you do have some influence in are handled better since you deal with them calmly and confidently. Please view the free Pre-Talk Video on this website so you will know how hypnosis works, and what you need to do to be successful.


Low Self Esteem

When we are young very often we don't get the love and nurturing from our parents and family we need, are rejected/made fun of OR are abused mentally/physically, emotionally/sexually. It is these situations that program our subconscious mind (SCM) so that we develop low self-esteem at the subconscious level. Outwardly we may act confident but inwardly we always feel inferior, undeserving, inadequate. Low self-esteem at the subconscious level can manifest itself in many ways. You may become a "people pleaser", a over achiever, a bully or become an abusive person. You may develop addictions such as food, cigarettes, alcohol, gambling or sex addiction/promiscuity to name a few.

Here we use hypnosis to reprogram you so that you truly LOVE YOURSELF. Sincerely, truly, from the heart...LOVE YOURSELF. This is the only way to truly become the person you want to be. The sky is the limit when you realize you do not have to be perfect to love yourself, and you reject the values of society of looks, popularity, money and success. There will always be someone better looking, has more money and has a higher position. In addition, age or other people can take away all these superficial things. We retrain you at the subconscious level to look at the wonderful person you really are.


Don't live another day being the person you really don't want to be. At Sunrise Hypnosis Center, each new day brings the possibility of change. All private sessions have guaranteed results. You will feel you obtained the change you came for by the end of the session or you don't pay. If it stops working down the road (rare), you may have a booster session free of charge.

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