At Sunrise Hypnosis Center, we say each new day brings the possibility of change. Here are a few testimonials from clients we have helped:

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I never thought this could help me as much as it has. I would have paid a thousand dollars for what Steve did for me. I couldn't stop crying for 4 months after my wife's affair. I could barely function.

 I can't believe that now when I think about it, the harder I try to be sad, depressed or angry about it...the calmer, the happier and the more in love I am with my wife! He gave ME back control of how I feel, and I no longer allow situations...present or past to dictate how I feel. This saved my life!

Bill M

Have been smoke free for 30 days. I've had no urge even.  Actually, it's been easy.

Dorothy G
Austintown, OH
I came for my picking problem. Tell Steve it is gone. He really changed my life. The past no longer haunts me and I am free. Thanks so much!
Sherri M
Cortland, OH
I went to Sunrise to stop smoking over 5 months ago. I haven't smoked since and I have sent other friends who have also stopped smoking. It is amazing as we all have tried so many different things, sooo many times and nothing ever worked. I guess I was the guinea pig for my group and it worked when nothing else did. Steve was so professional and gave me so much more than just stopping smoking. He gave me better health by helping me love myself so much that I will now not allow nicotine to ever again poison my body. And let Steve know....I'm STILL so calm! Thank you!
Warren, OH
I was having trouble feeling anxious when I had to talk in front of people. I always was anxious but over the years, it has gotten worse. One session with Steve was all it took. Thanks Steve!
Rodney W
I saw Steve a month ago for weight loss. He determined I had other issues of stress and low self esteem that needed attention before I did the weight loss. Boy, did he help! I can now go back to sleep once I wake up at 2:30am, I used to be up the rest of the night. I also easily control how I feel and stress is something I now have replaced with a feeling of calm and control. I'm coming back for the weight loss now. 
Renee H
Garretsville, OH
I went to Steve to help me quit smoking and I can say that he has worked miracles. I have not touched a cigarette since leaving that office. Thank you so much
Youngstown, OH

I went to see Steve 2 months ago because I had a problem controlling my anger. I would fly off the handle at my wife for really no reason. I also had stress and trouble remembering things. Steve helped me to see I had subconscious programing that caused my anger issues and stress. He pointed out that situations and other people were actually controlling me and how I felt and how I reacted. He gave me suggestions that I would easily control myself and that in every situation I would be calm and confident.

This session has changed my life. My wife is so happy and I feel GREAT! As Steve says, if you have a behavior that you really don't like but you can't seem to change it, it's not because you're a weak or bad person...you simply have subconscious programming that drives that behavior. Hypnosis changes that programming to what you want it to be.


Thanks Steve!

Blaine E
Youngstown, OH
Steve helped me get over my stress and my fear of needles. I used to freak out but now I control how I feel and how I react. Steve even included my mother for free in the session since two people make it a group and we both got the group rate. We sure didn't expect that. Thanks Steve!
Mike S
Boardman, OH
I would always procrastinate things that I didn't like doing. These were things that needed done but I just could not get myself to do them. Things like cleaning or to paying bills. This was causing me real problems and I really did want to change, I just not could make myself do them. After just 1 session with Steve I doing the things I couldn't before. I have been cleaning and paying my bills and making my life much easier. Two months and still working....and I feel great after doing them!
Jim L
Youngstown, OH

Just wanted you to know I have had amazing results with my scratching problem. Thanks again!

Becca S
I waited a week and a half after my session before submitting this. My session with Steve has completely taken away my feeling of claustrophobia I had been having with a repetitive medical treatment. My sense of calm now is hard to describe but much appreciated. Thanks Steve!!!
Cortland, OH
I am really happy with the results I had from my one-on-one hypnosis session with Steve. When I finished the session I felt extremely happy and calm, and since I asked for help with my love for sweets, I have to say that I have been eating all healthy foods since my session last week. I can only believe it will continue! It's been almost a week and I feel I am having great success with much better eating habits thanks to you! Today was the first time I dined out and I only ate half of the meal! I have also slept much better over the past week! Thanks again - Linda. 
Linda R
Niles, OH
I am in sales and often I have to talk with CEOs and company presidents. At times I have to give a presentation to a room full of very rich and successful people and I feel anxious and intimidated. After my Stress session at Sunrise Hypnosis, I have a whole new mindset. I am brimming with confidence and calm in every situation. It makes me a more effective salesman as my customers see a confident man and that is part of what they are buying. Thanks again Steve!
Chad C
Stow, OH
I want to thank Steve at Sunrise Hypnosis Center for the fantastic work he does. I went to him Sunday and in an hour he helped me more than I would have thought possible. If anyone is considering hypnosis to help improve their life, whether they want to stop smoking, control stress, or any other issue they are trying change, I encourage them to visit the Sunrise Hypnosis Center. You won't regret it!
Jerry M
Cleveland, OH

The help and service I received was nothing short of phenomenal!  The time I spent with Steven changed my life! I had no self esteem. I had been abused by a male member of my family and have had a rough life and couldn't manage relationships. Now I am dating again and I now love me! Thank you Steven!

Kathy M
Cleveland, Ohio
Let me start by saying Steven was very helpful with everything that I needed to know and expect before I got started even though I was feeling a little uneasy about using his services to try to stop smoking, especially since I am in the military.  Once we got started working together I felt completely comfortable and have been well pleased how much help I have received.  He went beyond the "call of duty" to help me out and I am now 110% SMOKE FREE!.  Huah!
George P
Austintown, OH
I saw Steven for stress and anxiety. I was always stressed out by other people and things that happened to me. I was allowing these things to rob me of the joy in my life. A couple hours later and I am overflowing with optimism and happiness! I should feel sadness that my Mom and Dad are not here to celebrate their anniversary with our family, instead, I rejoice that they are together! Starting my new life is exciting! I love this feeling! thank you again Steven!
Glenda P
Girard, OH
I am in the military and have to pass a fitness test or I can get kicked out if I fail too many times. I am a supervisor and had failed my last test. I heard thru my boss at the base that Steven had helped her so I called him. He helped me not only pass my next test by helping me to remain calm and perform better but he has helped my to become the healthy, fit person I have always wanted to be! I find now that I really like to exercise and eat right. I don't just do it now to pass the test, I do it now because that is what I really WANT to do. I just couldn't make myself do it before...now I find myself enjoying working out and I am in control of what I eat. Food doesn't control me! I really appreciate the help he gave me.
Kevin M
Vienna, OH
Smoking was something I had tried quitting before but just couldn't do it. I felt bad about myself that I was so weak willed. I went to Sunrise and they helped me to realize I wasn't weak at all. They explained I just has subconscious programming that made me a smoker. One session was all it took! Thank you!
Greta B
Youngstown, OH
I was the kind of person who would sneak food. I would eat even though I didn't really want to and told myself I would made an exception "Just this once" and then make 3-5 exceptions a day. I avoided exercise unless I had to get in shape for something. I wanted to do the right things but I just didn't. You helped me understand that my subconscious made me not exercise because the way I did it before actually hurt and my subconscious was making me not exercise to avoid pain. It also had me eating for false pleasure. My session was 10 months ago. I lost 40lbs and have kept it off. I love that fact that I now exercise 6 days a week. I now do it to only the point in "challenges me", not to the point it hurts and it has made a huge difference how I feel about working out. 
Steve M
Niles, OH
I went to a group session for stress reduction. I used to call my friends almost daily to cry to them how people at work made me feel. I was always so intimidated and anxious. Now I am in control and I haven't called anyone to have to vent in months. I am calm, confident and relaxed! That is the thought that goes through my head all the time now. I LOVE feeling this way!
Annamae K
Youngstown, OH
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