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Private Sessions

At Sunrise Hypnosis Center our main goal is for you to get the positive changes in your life you want. The concern of money and effectiveness should never be an issue.

Hypnosis works 100% of the time IF the 3 necessary elements are present: True desire for change, correct mental attitude, and no fear/concerns about being in hypnosis. This requires education and assessment done by the hypnotist. To find out now what these elements are, the elements are explained completely in the "Pre-Talk Video" area of this website and in the "How Hypnosis Works" page also on this site. We also cover this again in the interview portion of the private session.

In private sessions the hypnotist assesses the client for these elements, and it is the hypnotist's responsibility to ensure they do. Even if the client is saying the right things, but still does not possess the elements, that is up to the hypnotist to determine. With the necessary 3 elements, hypnosis is so certain to work, that we back up our private sessions with the following guarantee.

When you attend a private session, you will be given the information at the session to have all of the necessary elements and a complete understanding of how hypnosis works (also explained in our free Pre-Talk Video). The hypnotist will assess you during the interview for the requirement elements, and if it is determined by the client or the hypnotist that the client does not currently possess the what they need for successful hypnosis, the client will then not undergo the hypnosis portion of the session and will not be charged for the session, but will be welcome to return when they feel that they have acquired the necessary elements for a successful hypnosis session.

This means if the Client does not undergo the hypnosis part of a private session, they are not charged. If the Client does undergo the hypnosis session, but does not feel they acquired the change they came for, then the Client does not pay for the session. In the uncommon event the Client needs a booster in the future, they may have a booster session at no cost to them. 

Simply put, if we did not help you at all in private session, we do not take your money. Hypnosis works so well.  Many of the problems we help with only take one session. If, when we are in the interview portion we determine it will take more than one session, we will tell you up front. If the hypnotist determines the client does not possess the 3 necessary elements but the Client still insists on having a session, the Client will know in advance they are waiving their right to a refund. It is our sincere desire that you become the healthy, stress free and changed person you chose to be.

No other area hypnotist (or other helping professional for that matter) is this positive of being able to help you that they offer this guarantee, but we here at Sunrise Hypnosis Center feel strongly about meeting the needs of the Client and know how effective hypnosis is when done correctly.


Group Sessions

Because it is not possible for the hypnotist to assess multiple Clients effectively, we do not offer our guarantee for Group Sessions. However, we do have essentially the same policy about payment.

Local Group Sessions (those in Niles, Ohio)

Clients wishing to attend a Local Group Session will register for the session via the website. These are offered at different times during the year. See the website section "Group Sessions" to see the schedule and register. For the local group sessions (one in Warren/Howland, Ohio) you will simply register and will only pay at the end of the group session. There will be a Pre-Talk session and then an intermission. If, during the Pre-Talk you find you are not ready, you may simply leave at the intermission and will not be charged. If you are ready, we then perform the hypnosis part of the session and you pay at the end. If you stay you are telling us you are ready and no guarantee is offered.

Traveling Group Sessions

If it is a Traveling Group Session it is different as you will register and pay for the session when you register. Since we are traveling to your city, it is necessary for us to collect payment up front, but if at the intermission you feel you aren't ready, you may ask for a refund.  If you stay, you are telling us you are ready and no guarantee is then offered.

So to summarize:

Private Session Clients can leave without paying at any time before the hypnosis session or even after the hypnosis session if they feel they didn't get the change they came for. It is our job to assess you to ensure hypnosis will work for you. If don't feel you got the change you came for after we do the hypnosis part of the session, you don't pay. You also may receive a free follow-up session if the change does not last.

Group Session Clients may register for the group session but may leave at the intermission, before the hypnosis part of the session. If a local session they may leave and not pay. If it is a Traveling Group Session that they prepaid for, they will receive a full refund. Once either a local or traveling group session client undergoes the hypnosis part they will not be entitled to a refund. It is up to you to decide if you are ready in any group session. There isn't another hypnotist or health care practitioner that offers this but we want you to be successful and that will only happen with certainty when you are ready. Watch the Pre-Talk Video to help you to become ready.

Will there be some who will obtain the change after the seesion and still ask for a refund anyway? Possibly, but hypnosis requires trust between the Hypnotist and the Client. We ask you to trust us and in turn we will trust you. Together we WILL help you achieve the positive change in your life that you want so badly, yet have not been able to get on your own.

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