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Private sessions take 1 to 1 1/2 hours depending on the individual. It consists of covering the content in Pre-Talk Video video and certain parts of the therapy will be tailored to you. It also consists of a detailed explanation of what hypnosis is and how it works. While we will cover this information during our interview in your session, before your session you are encouraged to view the free Pre-Talk Video on this website so you know how hypnosis works and what your part is for a successful session.

To schedule a private session please go to the "Schedule Your Session" section below, click on the arrow, then choose "Private Session". You then click on a bold date and choose your time. You will receive a confirmation email of your appointment immediately and within a day or two, a short phone interview to assess your readiness for change and answer any questions. We charge by the session, not by the hour. If you have an issue that will require more time or an additional session, you will know when we talk on the phone, but the majority of issues only require one session.

One thing I want to be clear on for all private sessions is this: If you are paying by cash/check and you feel you did not get the change you came for after the session, you will not pay. Yes, I am THAT sure hypnosis will help you and it works that well. Also, know that you have nothing to lose. You will walk out of our office with the change you came for, or it will cost you nothing. Simple as that. It is Sunrise Hypnosis Center's job to assess you in private sessions if you are ready for change. Please view the Pre-Talk Video or read the how hypnosis works page to see what it takes to have the readiness for change and to ensure hypnosis works for you.



The cost of a private session can be done 2 ways:

1)Cash or check payment is $150, or PayPal/Credit Card is $155 (the cost is $5.00 to us for you to use a credit card or PayPal). It is due after the hypnosis part of the session. This means that if at any time you decide you are not ready during the phone interview or during the interview portion of the session, you are under no obligation, and may leave with no cost to you. If you have come to my office, I know you are not there wasting my time. You have a problem and want help with it. Yet, still you may determine you aren't ready, or WE may determine you are not ready, and you will be welcomed back when you ARE ready. Even if after going through the hypnosis part of the session, you feel you did not obtain the change you want, you do not pay. My colleagues all tell me that people will abuse this and tell me some clients will say they didn't get the benefit of change, when they actually did, to keep the money. I tell them it is a trust thing. I need to trust them and they need to trust me.

2) We now offer payment plans (subject to approval) via PayPal Credit for those people who need it. There is no interest for those who pay off their balance in 6 months or less, which would work out to making $25/month payments. See PayPal Credit for more info click this link: .  Please note...You will pay upfront for the payment plan since we have to see if you will be approved for credit by PayPal.


Private Session Payment:

You may also make your payment by clicking View product catalog link within the Appointment Scheduler below and adding the Private Session to the Cart.

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