How Hypnosis Works

Please read this page or watch the free Pre-Talk Video to completely understand how hypnosis works.

The Mind:

Hypnosis is useful whenever you have a behavior about yourself that you don't like and have not been able to change on your own. Simply put, this is because the subconscious mind (SCM) and the conscious mind (CM) do not agree. Your SCM is causing you to have the behavior even though your CM wants to change. Hypnosis is a tool to getting your subconscious mind (SCM) to agree with your conscious mind (CM). The two parts are separate, don't communicate with each other, and have their own functions. In other words...hypnosis is not to make the you do what I want you to do. It is for when you have a behavior that you truly don't like but just can't change on your own. It is because you have subconscious programming that is driving that behavior, and we use hypnosis to reprogram your SCM to have the programming YOU want.

To understand how hypnosis works, you first must understand the different parts of your mind and how they work.

The conscious mind (CM) is where we spend most of our time. It is where Analytical Thought ("I must go thru the door to get into the other room."), Rational Thought (How you explain your behavior... "I lift weights because I want to get stronger." "I overeat because I'm a stress eater."), Will Power ("I will/will not do something!"), and Temporary Memory (The stuff you learned in school, your friends phone numbers, where you parked your car, etc.) come from.

The subconscious mind (SCM) is awesomely powerful. It is where your Permanent Memories are stored. Where everything that has ever happened to you is stored, no matter how trivial you might think it is. It is where your Emotions reside. This aspect of our SCM can get us into trouble. I know that many times in the past you've dealt with a situation and it didn't have to have a lot of emotion, just a little bit. Yet, after the situation was over and that analytical and rational conscious mind took over again, you heard yourself thinking or saying something like, "Why did I blow up like that? Why did I say that?" "Why did I do that? It was so stupid."

Habits also reside in the SCM. There are 3 types of habits: Good, Bad, and Utilitarian (neither good nor bad, just automatic responses like the phone rings and we answer it). So the behaviors that we don't like (bad habits) really reside in our SCM, and that is why they are hard to change. We bite our nails. We tap our fingers a certain amount of times, we smoke, we overeat, because our SCM continually pushes us to do these behaviors.

The SCM also has the job of protecting us. It must protect us against danger real OR imagined. You see something imagined by the subconscious mind is just as if it was actually happening. It can't tell the difference. And it must protect us against danger. And unfortunately it often does this in a very juvenile and lazy manner.

It is the lazy and juvenile part of our SCM that can get us into the most trouble. When you go to the sections of the website that explain what hypnosis can help, it will explain for those particular behaviors how lazy or how juvenile it can be.

Your SCM is very much like a computer, and it operates just like a computer operates. You know that if you go out and buy a new computer, put it on your desk, and ask it a question, it will not be able to answer you. The reason is, at that point the computer has no programming in it whatsoever. Now a computer can only operate based on the programming that is placed in it, and it MUST operate on that programming: it has no choice. You know that if you change the programming in a computer that you buy at a store, it no longer can operate on the old programming, and it must operate on the new programming information that has been placed into it. Well, this is the way our subconscious mind works. It is a computer. It functions on the same rules and regulations as an electronic one does, only it is much more powerful. We program our computer every day of our lives through our life experiences. We develop programing that makes us behave the way we do. If you develop programing that is good (I love to exercise), then you will behave that way, and it will help you. If you develop programing that is harmful to you (I must smoke), then it will be harmful to you, and you will find it difficult to change that behavior if we first don't go into the SCM and change the programing. That is what hypnosis is all about!

Whenever you have a behavior that you truly want to change, but still can't change it, such as smoking, overeating, worrying, feeling stressed, having a fear or phobia, performance anxiety, or any other aspect of your behavior that up till now you haven't had control of, it is because you have programming in your SCM that causes you to still have that behavior. Using hypnosis, we will access your SCM and change your programing so that you will behave how YOU really want to.


How hypnosis works:

Hypnosis works 100% of the time as long as we have three necessary elements:

  1. A true desire for change and the willingness to be hypnotized.

    Clients who have fears, phobias, low self esteem, etc  always have a true desire to change as they are suffering from their problem. But not everyone who comes to us has a honest true desire to change. You might ask, "Doesn't a person who is willing to come to you and pay you to stop smoking have a real desire for change?" We have found that many people who ask us to help them with smoking, we have to turn away. They are NOT ready for change. They want us to "put the whammy" on them so they stop smoking. They are being pressured by spouses, children, friends, work, and their doctor to quit. They have been told they will die or have an illness if they don't quit. We ask all our clients who want to stop smoking to do a simple test. We have them close their eyes and use their imagination. They imagine that no one - not their spouse, children or any others - are pressuring them to quit. In fact, they don't mind at all. And then we have them imagine that they are as healthy as a horse. Smoking has not harmed them one bit. Now, given this new reality, do you still want to quit? Many will answer, "No, I LOVE smoking." If that is their answer, we ask them to open their eyes and go home (at no charge for the session). If that is your answer as well, we will send you away until you have the true desire for change. When your answer is, " I HATE cigarettes and really hate the CONTROL they have over me!"... THEN we can help you break that control.  You see, we can't make you do anything against your will, as you will read further.

  2. The correct mental attitude toward the suggestions we give you.

    Contrary to popular belief, we cannot control you using hypnosis. If we give you a suggestion you don't like, there simply is no change. That is why you never see a hypnotist being charged with crime of stealing someone's life savings. We simply can't have you in the hypnotic state and give you the suggestion that you will write us a check for everything that is in your bank account. You will reject the suggestion and no change takes place. I mentioned the correct mental attitude toward a suggestion. There are only 4 possible attitudes you may have toward any suggestion I give you.

    A. I LOVE this suggestion, and I KNOW it's going to work.
    B. I could either take or leave the suggestion
    C. I don't like the suggestion
    D. I like the suggestion... I sure hope it works.

    The only attitude that will guarantee success is A. In B & C no change takes place. In D, you've already come with the mindset of failure.

  3. No fear or concerns about being hypnotized.

    If you have unspoken concerns or fears about what it is like to be hypnotized, or think we can control you, or think you could get stuck in hypnosis, then you will not allow us to engage your imagination, have you enter the beautiful state of physical and mental relaxation we call hypnosis. This state allows us to now access your subconscious mind and replace your old programming that was making you have the old unwanted behaviors with the new positive suggestions that will be your new programming - programming that will bring about the changes of behavior YOU want. You will finally have a conscious mind and subconscious mind that will be in agreement, and you will literally be able to accomplish great things in your life!

    As mentioned above, you will be in a state of wonderful physical and mental relaxation. The normal thoughts and sensations around you will be calm, and you will find you will be hyper-aware of what is going on around you. You will hear everything the hypnotist is saying to you. You will not be asleep in the slightest. Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state. Have you ever noticed a time while driving that you kind of blanked out and now are miles further down the road? Your mind and body relaxed, yet you were still driving. Using your ability to imagine, we will have you enter this state of relaxation. If at any time you choose to remove the relaxation from your body or your mind, you have the ability to open your eyes, get up and walk out if you want to.


There are hypnotists out there who will take your money and never explain to you what is necessary for hypnosis to work. They have success only with those clients who just "happened" to have all 3 elements present, and so have successes, but at a much lower rate than they could. That is why they don't guarantee results in their sessions, as they would do a lot of sessions for free with so many unprepared clients.

All our private sessions have results guaranteed (please see our "Results Guaranteed" tab). We will have you watch our free Pre-Talk video or go over the information at session. We will interview you.  It is OUR responsibility to assess if all 3 factors are in place before doing the session. If they are not, we will send you away, without charging you, until you are ready.

Group sessions make this assessment more difficult, so we will still inform all those in the group what is necessary by having them watch the Pre-Talk video before coming and also going over the information in the first part of the session. Before intermission we will ask those who feel they aren't ready to leave before the hypnosis part of the session. In Traveling Group Sessions who pre-paid, we will refund their payment as they leave. In Local Group Sessions, who pay at the end of the session, we simply have you leave and you can return anytime when you ARE ready. Simply put, as long as they didn't go thru the actual hypnosis session, it will cost them nothing.  If you do undergo the hypnosis part of the session it is with the understanding that you are telling me feel you are ready. We simply cannot make the same guarantee in a group session since we can't assess you individually, but the group session works just as well if you come prepared to do your part.

So, to recap, hypnosis works 100% of the time when someone truly wants change in their life, has the correct mental attitude toward the positive suggestions we give, and has no fear of hypnosis. Those choosing a private session have results guaranteed (please see our "Results Guaranteed" tab) that if they don't obtain the change they came for when the session is over, they do not pay. If it stops working, we will offer another free session (perhaps there was something that wasn't understood by the client in the directions or they just need a booster). Those choosing one of the group sessions will be educated on what is necessary and then given a chance to leave if they aren't ready with a full refund if they leave before the actual hypnosis part of the session. If we don't help you, then we should not keep your money. It's called putting our money were our mouth is.

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