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We offer two types of group sessions, Local and Traveling. Local group sessions will start soon and will be in the Howland, OH area on a regular basis at the end of each month. Traveling Group sessions will be offered in various cities as shown below. You can sign up for a group session below. Please view the Pre-Talk Video before signing up for any group or private sessions.

Group sessions can be a more affordable means of obtaining the help you need.

Many sessions for hypnosis can be done in group sessions and as effectively as in private sessions. Not all issues helped by hypnosis are recommended for group sessions, however.

Below are sessions that are effectively done in group that we offer. Click the link to the right for a short introductory video on each type of session.

  • Stop Smoking
  • Weight loss - Those needing to lose more than 75 lb. should call Sunrise Hypnosis Center. Often people needing to lose weight greater than 75 lb. require one-on-one therapy, but a free phone interview can determine which is best.
  • Stress reduction
  • Performance improvement
  • Test/Performance anxiety
  • Self Hypnosis



Traveling group sessions cost vary and will be listed with each event. Local group sessions in Howland Ohio can be paid after the session. For the Traveling Group sessions we ask you pre-pay using credit cards or PayPal to ensure your seat. You can pay at the event, but prepaid tickets will have priority when seating is limited.

Please note the result guarantee we offer for Single private sessions does not apply to Group sessions, since the hypnotist cannot personally assess each participant for the readiness for hypnosis and change. Here is what we do offer, however. There are two parts to any hypnosis session: The Pre-Talk part and the Hypnosis part. You are encouraged to view the free Pre-Talk video  before registering. We will also do a Pre-Talk before any group session as well. We count on you to know if you are ready once you have the knowledge given in the Pre-Talk. If you feel you are not ready after the Pre-Talk part of the group session, you may simply leave and there is no charge.

Local Group sessions:


For Local Group Sessions, if you feel after the Pre-Talk part you are not ready, you can leave at the intermission with no cost to you. You will only be charged if you stay for the hypnosis part. We offer this so that you do not pay for something you are not ready for. When you feel you are ready, you may attend another group session.

Let me repeat this again. We do not want you to undergo the hypnosis part unless you feel ready and it will not cost you unless you undergo the hypnosis part of the session. You can watch the free Pre-Talk video as many times as you like and attend sessions to listen to the live Pre-Talk part of a session as many times as you need, until you understand how hypnosis works and what it takes to be successful.

If you would like to schedule your own group session of 3 or more people here in the Howland office please call us at 330-766-2440.

Traveling Events:

For Traveling Events since we are coming to your city, we do ask you to pre-pay for our Traveling Group sessions. You may ask for a refund at the intermission if you find you are not ready after the Pre-Talk part of the session. You can watch the free Pre-Talk video on this website so that you can learn what hypnosis is, how it works and what it takes, and to determine if you are ready for hypnosis to obtain the change in your life you want.

It is advised that you watch the free Pre-Talk video before registering and pre-paying so you can ensure you know you are ready for change. However, we will also do a Pre-talk at the event. Those attendees who decide they are not ready for the hypnosis part of the session after hearing the Pre-Talk part of the session may ask for a refund at the intermission, before the hypnosis session. No refunds are offered after the hypnosis part of the session as we have to take your word you are ready. Date and times for our Traveling Group events scheduled in cities around the country are listed below. Payment is made when you register if you want to guarantee a seat. You can pay at the event but pre-paid tickets have priority.

Here is our current scheduled Traveling Group Sessions:

Date and Time      Type of Session   Ticket Cost                           Where Held                                                        Room Held              

25 Sept 2015, 7pm;   Stop Smoking;   $50;        Middleburg Hts Community Center, 16000 Bagley Rd, Cleveland, OH 44130;    Room C

To pay for this session using a credit card or PayPal click this button:



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