Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most FAQ we get here. Education and understanding is vital to a successful session:

Why would I see a hypnotist and not a counselor, doctor, or psychologist?

Hypnosis is just another tool that these professions should be using to help you achieve your desired goal. These other professions, however, most often have no training in hypnosis, so if your issue is that you have a problem behavior that you don't like, such as smoking, overeating, extreme worry or stress, fears, phobias, performance/test anxiety, or destructive behaviors (like cutting, nail biting, etc.), the problem lies with faulty programing in your subconscious mind (SCM), and it is your SCM that keeps causing you to have that behavior. Like a computer that has programing, if your SCM has smoking programing, then it will cause you to smoke. A trained and certified hypnotist who understands the 3 necessary elements for successful hypnosis and various hypnotic techniques can work with your doctor, psychologist, or counselor to use their skills in hypnosis to help you achieve your goal of changing behaviors you don't like or want.


Does hypnosis REALLY work? Come on now, isn't hypnosis really just hokum?

Yes... it really does work. It is noted that individuals in the hypnotic state are susceptible to suggestion. Providing a person with the suggestions they want, using proven hypnotic techniques and ensuring that clients are ready to do the work to get that change, we use hypnosis to take advantage of that phenomena. Hypnosis also gives us a window into the subconscious mind for problems that lie there and must be corrected there.


My wife is pressuring me to quit smoking. I really don't care if I quit, but I want to make her happy. Can you just put the "Whammy" on me and make me quit? I've tried on my own, and even with the patches and gum, I haven't been able to.

If only hypnosis worked like that. Alas, it does not. There is no "Whammy". We cannot make you do anything you do not truly want. In order for hypnosis to be effective, YOU must want the change in behavior. It can't be because someone pressured you or you think you might die if you don't. If you have the mental attitude that you love smoking, then when we give you the suggestion that you will stop smoking, you will reject the suggestion in hypnosis and no change will take place. Please see the "How Hypnosis Works" section or view the Pre-Talk Video to get complete details how hypnosis works and what is required for a successful result.


I saw a stage hypnosis show once. They had people doing all kinds of strange things and people were laughing. I'm not sure I can allow myself to be hypnotized because I have to be in control.

During hypnosis you are in complete control. A hypnotist cannot make anyone do anything they do not like or want. This is why you have never heard of a hypnotist being arrested or convicted of stealing  a client's life savings. I could give you the suggestion to write me a check for your total checking account, but you would not like the suggestion and no change would take place. Watch the Pre-Talk Video or read the "How Hypnosis Works" section to get complete details how hypnosis works.


Can I get stuck in hypnosis?

Since you are not asleep and are not in a zombie state, you cannot get stuck in hypnosis. You will use your ability of child-like imagination to place the relaxation you need on your eyes. We will then spread that relaxation over your entire body and then relax your mind. You muscles will not work as long as you use your imagination and keep the relaxation there. If you decide to remove the relaxation, you can simply open your eyes, get up out of the chair and leave.


What is it like being in hypnosis?

Forget what you have seen in movies or in stage hypnosis shows. You simply will be in a deeply relaxed state. You will have physical and mental relaxation. With your mind deeply relaxed you will find that you are HYPER-aware of what is going on around you. You will hear things and notice things you normally do not in your normal level of alertness. You will hear everything the hypnotist is saying to you. Once we use your imagination and have the level of relaxation we need, we will have what is known in hypnosis as "critical factor by-pass of the conscious mind" and we will have access to your subconscious mind (SCM) so that we can begin re-programing your SCM so that it agrees with your conscious mind (CM). When the two agree, you will find you can achieve any change in behavior you want.


I'll tell you right now. I can't be hypnotized. I went to a group session at a hotel before and it didn't work. I wish they had your policy about results. I thought it all was ridiculous and would have walked out if I hadn't already paid. What makes you think YOU can hypnotize me?

You are correct, if you say I won't be hypnotized, as the first of the three necessary elements is that you must have a true desire for change and WANT to be hypnotized. The hypnotist has no special power to put you in the hypnotic state. They are simply your guide for you to put yourself in that state. If you refuse to be hypnotized, nothing more can be done. To answer your question though, ALL people can be hypnotized IF they WANT to be hypnotized AND will follow directions. You will be lead to this state by your hypnotist and given the suggestions YOU want for positive change in your life. If you don't like the suggestions, no change takes place. Watch the Pre-Talk Video or read the "How Hypnosis Works" section to get complete details how hypnosis works.


Why don't you offer a results guarantee for group sessions but you do for private sessions? Do the group sessions not work as well?

The difference is that the hypnotist can't assess all the members in a group like they can for someone in a private session. In order for hypnosis to work 100% of the time, you must have the 3 required or necessary elements:

  1. A true desire for change and to be hypnotized.
  2. The correct mental attitude toward the suggestions given.
  3. No fear or concerns about going into hypnosis.

In private session, the hypnotist can assess the client for these before performing the hypnosis part of the session. If the client isn't ready, then the session should not be done until the client IS ready. Here at Sunrise Hypnosis Center we take pride in our skills to assess for the required elements and it is reflected in our success rate. If the member does not possess them, they are sent away until they are really ready, and they are not charged until they actually are ready and undergo the hypnosis part of the session.

If the private session Client manages to fool our hypnotist with telling them what they want to hear, undergoes the hypnosis session and then after the hypnosis session feels there is no change, then it is the fault of the hypnotist, and we do not charge the Client. If the change ever stops working, we offer another booster session free of charge. This personal assessment cannot be done in a group setting, so we simply can't guarantee results as we do in private sessions. Please see our Results Guaranteed section of the website for full details.


Why a group vs a private session?

Certain problems respond very well in hypnosis to positive suggestion. These are the types of problems that we do in group session and these people do almost as well as in private session. Problems we see that respond well to positive suggestions are smoking, weight loss of approx. less than 75 lb., stress management, fear of public speaking, and performance/test anxiety. Problems such as fears, phobias, destructive behaviors, weight loss greater than 75 lb. require more in-depth hypnotic techniques and assessment that must be done in private session. The only cause for a slightly higher incidence of failure in group session is because the hypnotist cannot effectively assess everyone for the 3 elements required for effective hypnosis like they can in private session. Watch the Pre-Talk Video or read the "How Hypnosis Works" section to get complete details how hypnosis works.


I have a child who could use help. Do you hypnotize children?

Yes, we hypnotize children but with the following understanding:

Parents are never allowed in session with their children. Whatever is said in session remains confidential between the hypnotist and the child. Parents are never told and are not to ask what is said in session unless it is discovered that sexual abuse occurred, then by law we must report it to police. There are no exceptions to this. Parents must sign a waiver that they agree to this. The goal is to help the child to overcome their problem behavior that THEY want to change. Many parents can't agree to these stipulations, and we do not hypnotize their child and the child goes on suffering or gets worse. Total confidentiality, to the level that is allowed by law, MUST be respected so that the child and hypnotist can most effectively communicate and deal with the real issues.

I see your fee is $150.00 for the session. Do you offer payment plans for those who need to make payments?

We offer payment plans (subject to approval) via PayPal for those people who need it. There is no interest for those who pay off their balance in 6 months or less, which would work out to making $25/month payments. See PayPal Credit for more info click this link: 


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